@ilesk808 talks Defence

Take a look at our boy @ilesk808 Hawaii (Jay Dee) when he went live With esk8 UK last week. Awesome to see this legend of esk8 in all our gear. Keep it up Jay…. You are a true legend of…

Eskate on tour

As we embark on our electric skateboarding adventure up the east coast of Australia. We head North to Sydney and after 9 hours of driving, we hit the boards and crack out 3 plus hours of skating with the local…

ecrooz_ cool

“You’re not cool until you are @ecrooz_ cool. These guys not only make you look cool but keep you safe whilst you are out there e-riding. Do yourself a favour and check them out”

More great Defence feedback

“Cheers to the legends @ecrooz_. Defence jacket is perfect. And the note love it. 😂😂 fits awesome and with the pads inserted only took a couple of minutes to adjust for comfort and was correctly sitting in the right areas. Good…

International Shipping

Huge news for the greater PEV community – Ecrooz are now shipping wordwide. International shipping rates are calculated at the checkout. So, what are you waiting for….