In case you wanna know……

The Ecrooz movement started in 2018 in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Toms infectious passion for Esk8 spread like covid through the local area and before we knew it, the E crew was born. 

A group of like minded E enthusiasts all in it for the same reason…. “The Ride”.

It’s not about what you ride. 

It’s about getting together, getting out there, having fun and most of all, being safe….

living your best life… 

Safety is paramount at Ecrooz…we speak from experience and have the battle scars to prove it. 

So if you are going to ride like a mad bugger, you better have good protection.

Ecrooz Defence is only the beginning of our journey as we strive to bring the best safety and PEV innovation down under. 

So get ya gear on, unplug your PEV and let’s go on this journey together….