Acedeck® x Linnpower® Electric Skateboard CNC Footstop - Ares X1, Ares X3, Nomad N1, Stella S1, Stella S3, Stella Mini

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Brand: Acedeck

*Enhanced Control:

The footstop allows for better foot placement, providing you with an improved sense of control and stability while riding at any speed.

*Optimal Comfort:

Designed for ergonomic excellence, it reduces foot fatigue, allowing for longer, more enjoyable rides.

*Precision Craftsmanship:

Manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machining, the footstop ensures unparalleled durability and precision.

*Collaborative Engineering:

A unique product born from the combined expertise of Acedeck® and LINNPOWER®—two industry giants committed to advancing the future of e-skateboarding.

*Customizable Aesthetics:

Choose from an array of vibrant colors to match your personal style and board aesthetics.

*Universal Compatibility:

Compatible with almost all Acedeck® electric skateboards, this footstop is the perfect addition to any ride.

Don't just ride. Ride with precision, control, and a splash of personal flair.

Compatible with the following models:

Acedeck® Ares Series/ Acedeck® Nomad Series/ Acedeck® Stella Series

Packing List:

*Acedeck® x LINNPOWER® Electric Skateboard CNC Footstop*1



*1.3cm washer*2

*1mm wahser*4

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