Ares X1 - 4WD

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Brand: Acedeck

Acedeck Ares X1 All Terrain Electric Skateboard - 4WD version

Range, incline-handling, power bursts, braking precision – whether you’re cruising or pulling stunts, Ares X1 is the power beneath your feet. Equipped with top-class batteries, motors, truck and wheels, Ares X1 is the best electric skateboard on market for real. Here are the specs you’re looking for!

  • Top speed of 60km/h
  • Customised 6384 motors with a combined power of 14000w in 4WD mode
  • 65km range in 2WD and 45km in 4WD
  • The exclusively designed CNC'd TKP truck ensures stability during high-speed riding and, most importantly, eliminates speed wobble
  • Onboard smart BMS
  • Comfort stance
  • Forged carbon fibre with unique patterns

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